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is a positive alternative to traditional counseling in Temecula and Surrounding area’s as well as online using Nina’s powerful intuition that encourages guidance from the heart. It brings peace and hope to any situation no matter how big or how small.

A tutor is a guide of sorts, helping people to navigate through their journey in life and life happens to all of us. Some examples we may have in our lifetime are loss of a loved one from a terminal illness or accident, loss of a pet, a family member going to war, divorce or breakup of any relationship, illness, loss of a job, losing a home and having to move unexpectedly.

Many times we can also get stuck, not knowing the next step to take or path to explore. Our feet may feel like glue. We are not sure what is wrong. We feel depressed, sad, and cannot stop crying, but often cannot pinpoint the cause.

Life can be a real struggle during these periods of loss and change. How will I ever get through this? We wonder. These feelings are temporary but when we are in them it does not feel that way. Its is important to know that in the space between the beginning and the end of whatever you are going through your soul is trying to evolve. This can be a gift and I can help you to open it through the guided messages I receive for you.

My counseling sessions are unlike many other therapists in San Diego and combined with my many gifts and Reiki are powerful, and I promise you will leave knowing that you are okay and that you will get through this. Peace, will envelop your being. With the gift of peace you realize there is nothing to fear, and as peace begins to reside in your heart you will gently be shown the way. This is where magic happens you will feel healing just by being in my presence. You can now trust and have faith that wherever you are headed on your journey you will get there safely.

You will have discovered that you cannot NOT be okay.


In this video you can hear how passionate Nina is about not viewing death as awful or fearful, Nina has a new way of presenting death to the public and puts it in a different light. She explains how she came to be working in the hospice field and how she teaches that
one of the hardest challenges is to avoid your own expectations as to how the dying process is going to take place. Nina talks about her own mother’s passing and what that was like for her.
She also explains the importance of opening your heart and “allowing” whatever process needs to unfold during this most precious and sacred event.

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Specializing in grief counseling in San Diego and abroad, Nina has helped many get through some of the roughest times in their lives by being there to help them along that journey. Let her be the vehicle that get’s you though that rough patch and on to the next phase of your life.